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Katherine Moore  

User's reviews

  • Maple Creme Oolong


    This tea was very enjoyable, but neither the maple nor the creme were especially strong.

  • Candy Apple


    I love eating the little chunks of apple after boiling the tea. The tea is also really good, if a tad bitter.

  • Chestnut


    I actually really like this one cold with milk, but it's good any way you make it. It's got a surprisingly good amount of flavor, especially considering the simple ingredients.

  • Gingerbread


    It's like having Christmas in a cup! The gingerbread flavor is well defined. It's the perfect tea for a cold winter morning.

  • Candy Cane


    The mint flavor is so fresh and cool! Definitely my favorite mint tea! The only issue I have is that it has a lot of caffeine so I can't have it every day. The flavor itself is spot on!

  • Chocolate Chip


    This wasn't as chocolaty as I was hoping for. It was still good, but not amazing.

  • Tiger Eye


    If I didn't try to keep my caffeine consumption down, I'd drink this tea almost every day. It's got those delicious chocolate undertones that go amazingly with milk.