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Desiree Zimmermann  

User's reviews

  • White Eternal Spring


    Good tea! Has a floral and almost herbal taste. The white tea as a base is very mellow and smooth. I like this tea, but it's not my go-to white tea.

  • Melonberry Green


    Pretty tasty! It's very fruity, to the point where you can barely taste the green tea. Having it iced mellows it out nicely, but it's still good hot as well.

  • Citron Green


    One of my favorite teas. Light citrus/lemon taste that balances the green tea very nicely!

  • Lychee Rose Green


    This tea is good hot but far better iced! Having it iced really balances all the flavors nicely--it isn't too sweet, too floral, or too astringent. Hot can sometimes be a bit too sweet for me, so if you think it's too intense or sweet, try it iced before you get rid of it!

  • Spiced Apple Chai


    I love apple, I love chai, so this purchase was a definite for me. I'm not as big a fan of black teas, but with a little milk and sugar this tea is absolutely glorious!

  • Lavender Lemon


    Absolute perfection. If you want something without caffeine that's fruity and floral, this tea is for you. It's mellow and calming and the perfect nightcap before bed. I love it so much I don't drink it often enough so I can savor it. I treat it like a precious resource even though I know I can get more whenever because Adagio sells it year-round--it's just that good!

  • Maple Creme Oolong


    I'm generally not a fan of black teas and wanted to find one that I would be able to tolerate for days when I need a bit more of a kick. It's especially good with a hint of oatmilk and a few tea sugar crystals!

  • Earl Grey Green


    This is my go-to tea. I love green tea, I love the smell of Earl Grey, and I was searching for a tea that combined them for AGES before I found this one on Adagio. I actually ordered through Adagio for the first time just to get this tea to try, and I loved it as much as I thought it would. If you like bergamot, citrus, and green tea, you will love this tea.