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Liz Paff  

I'm just a Midwestern artist who really, really loves tea.

User's reviews



    I used to drink this iced with my mom, almost every day. 1 bag of this and 1 bag of plain black tea would make the perfect iced tea blend.

  • Chocolate Chai


    I tried this tea twice, and both times I did not like it, and ended up giving away the rest of my bag to my sister, who loves it.

    To me at least, the chocolate taste seemed very artificial. That might just be my strange taste buds though.

  • Earl Grey Lavender


    This is really good tea, the lavender is almost overwhelming, but not quite.

  • Happy Belly


    Got this for my husband who gets a lot of stomach problems. He said it tasted pretty good and even helped calm his stomach down a bit. But, the tea got a kind of weird flavor once it had cooled off. So drink it hot and drink it fast.

  • Mango


    This is one of my favorite teas. Definitely could taste the mango (and smell it, brewed or in the bag it was very aromatic), and it complimented the black tea rather well.

  • Yunnan Gold


    I have been looking for a tea that tasted like a tea one of the local Chinese places makes, and I've finally found it. This is really good stuff. Its super rich in flavor, and I put just a little bit of sugar in mine.

  • Bella Luna Blue


    My sister got this tea and shared with me, its fun to watch the color change with the added lemon juice. The flavor is pretty good, but not the first thing I reach for when choosing what to drink.

  • Almond Oolong


    This tea was overpowering in its sweetness - it was like drinking liquid marzipan.

  • Rooibos Vanilla Chai


    Very good for a warm cup of chai late at night when I don't want any caffeine keeping me up. Its just sweet enough that it doesn't need sugar, and just a little warm milk calms the spices down to a perfect level.

  • Spiced Apple Chai


    I really enjoy this tea, it reminds me of afternoons at my grandmas house. I like it a little sugar and a tablespoon or two of milk. Just make sure to use about 2 teaspoons of tea per cup, I tried it with less and it was way too weak, but I also like strong tea, so maybe I will have to try it with more =)

  • Ginger Peach


    So I initially thought I would love this tea, but I am glad I only purchased a sample package since am not a huge fan. Just smelling the tea I can smell the ginger and peach, but once brewed it just tastes like black tea.