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Brittany Brooks  

User's reviews

  • Mocha Nut Mate


    Smelled like hazelnut, tasted like water. Didn’t have any flavor to me.

  • Peach Iced Tea


    Bought this to prove a point; AND I DID! This tea is amazing and in its peachy goodness has tangyness that just a little sugar sweetens it up just perfectly.

  • Lipton peach iced tea


    Good on the go tea as a grab and go tea especially if brewing and bringing tea isn't an option

  • Mango Iced Tea


    Loved this as a cold brew! Was not to overpowering in flavor but had enough of a mango tang to it.

  • Hazelnut


    I loved the smell, and I love hazelnut in coffee so I was excited to try. But this had a big aftertaste of water and was disappointing. (It may have been how I made it.)

  • White Tangerine


    Smell= 10/10; Taste= whole different story. I am a huge fan of strong flavor and this won't be something I keep around. The smell was very aromatic.

  • Wild Strawberry Iced Tea


    10/10 a great iced tea for strawberry fans! Sweet enough yet not overpowering to your senses.

  • Chocolate Strawberry Tea Bags


    My favorite go to for a sweet tea with no caffeine! Not to overpowering but very flavorful.