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Cameron Kilchrist  

User's reviews



    Let me preface this by saying I much prefer Earl Grey Green to the traditional blend, but this makes one grassy cup. Adagio's EGG is leaps beyond this brand's.



    This was the first hot tea I ever tried and it's also one of my favorites. One of the best bagged teas out there!

  • Citrus Mate


    I got this tea as part of the yerba mate sampler. I was looking forward to trying it, but this blend really blew me away! Adagio's mate brewing instructions lead to a mild cup, but the delicate nature of the mate melds well with the light citrus flavors.

  • Mocha Nut Mate


    This mate blend was okay, but only okay in my opinion. I picked up this tea in the mate sampler, and it was definitely my least favorite. I was excited to try it based solely on its appearance in the Parks and Rec Phraseology fandom blend, but that blend was much better than the sum of its parts. Not a bad mate, but not my favorite.

  • Toasted Mate


    This mate, in my opinion, straight up tastes like cardboard. Now, I was a strange child and enjoyed chewing on cardboard from time to time, so I'm very familiar with the taste. Is it more akin to coffee than Adagio's non-toasted mate? Absolutely. Am I using mate as a coffee substitute? Most definitely. Will I return to this variety of mate? Almost certainly not. I can admit that some pallates would find this enjoyable, and many of the reviews would agree with this sentiment, but it's not compatible with mine.

  • Yerba Mate


    I bought a yerba mate sampler as a way to curb my energy drink habit and reduce the amount of caffeine I consume, and I can honestly say I'm enjoying every cup! This mate is light, bright, and delicate in it's simplicity. It's cozy, but not so much that it makes you want to crawl back into bed to savor it. It's a nice on-the-go drink with a pleasant taste.

  • Alpine Trails by Reagan Croe


    It's pretty good, but not something I'd consistently reach for. I'm only a bidding tea enthusiast working on a shoestring budget, so I can't really justify spending 35¢ a cup on a tea I don't really love.

  • Spiced Mate


    One of my all-time favorite teas! It's a comfortable mid-point between the scents and smells of Christmas and my favorite bagged tea, Constant Comment. One of my favorite Adagio teas!

  • Jasmine Chun Hao


    Jasmine Chun Hao is a really nice floral, though I find it fairly strong. I prefer to mix it 1:1 with Jasmine Yin Hao than drink it alone.